Katie Slauson's life :)

  • High winds

    High winds
    On my first birthday there was huge winds. I got trapped at my daycare because we couldn't leave. There was a lot of trees that blew down. Picture:
  • Met my first best friend

    Met my first best friend
    Our parents went to the same work and had us meet then we went to the same preschool. We immidently became bestfriends and still are today. Picture:
  • 9/11/01

    Terrorist's flew into the Twin Towers and killed many people. Many of those people are missed. Picture:
  • Broke my wrist

    Broke my wrist
    I was on the monkeybars and the bell rang and scared me then I fell. My bestfriend helped me to the nurse. I couldn't move my arm so I had to go to the hospital. Picture:
  • Saddam Hussein died

    The U.S. captured him in 2003. He got killed in 2006. Picture:
  • My cousin died

    My cousin died
    My cousin had to stay at work till 10 and her and her bestfriend were walking to their cars. All of a sudden a drunk driver comes speeding down the road and hits them both. Her bestfriend was the only one that surrvied but got a broken leg. We miss Abby deeply. Picture:
  • Graduated 5th Grade

    Graduated 5th Grade
    Every 5th greader gradurated on the last day of school. We were all excited to become a middle schooler. Picture:
  • First Florida Trip

    First Florida Trip
    I flew down to Florida for the first time. My mom and I went down there to go visit my sister and her husband. That was also my first time on a airplane. Picture:
  • Education Camp

    Education Camp
    Every 7th grader got to go to camp for school. It was fun subtracting the education. Picture:
  • Trip to Lake Supperior, WI

    Trip to Lake Supperior, WI
    I always go to Lake Supperior every year with my family. This time I brought my friend Jenna. It was way more fun with a friend. Picture:
  • Tsunami

    A Tsunami hit Japan, Hawii, and the Phillipean Islands. It killed several people. Picture:
  • Osama Bin Laden died

    The biggest Terriorist got killed on May 1, 2011. Picture: