Karianns Historical Developments of Canada

  • Mar 24, 1543

    Canand 1543 - 1700

    In 1543, Jacques Cartier claimed the territory for the king of france.
    In 1604, Samuel De Champlain arrived and stayed.
  • Canana 1760 - 1775

    In 1760, Montreal came under british control.
    In 1774, the Quebec act restored French civil law, while maintaining british criminal lawand guaranteeing religious freedom for roman catholics.
    In 1763, Ottawa warrior, Pontiac, Led a group of warriors and raided interrior trading posts in a desprate bid to hold back European expanison.
  • Canada 1791 - 1825

    • Both Canadas would have elected assemblies, an appointed Upper House or council and an executive much like british Commons, Lords and Cabinet.
    • 1798 Colony of St.johns island renamed to Prince Edward Island.
    • 1825 Treaty between Britian and Russia defines border between Alaska and britsh North America.
  • Canada 1849-1862

    • An angery mob burned down the parliament building.
    • 1849- Border between Canada and the U.S., which ran along the 49th parallel, was extended to the Pacific
    • 1858 British established the mainland colony of british columbia.
    • 1862 Stickeen Terriory created
  • Canada 1862 - 1867

    • In the 1860's, colonists in British North America became concerened that the United States would try to take over all of North America
    • When the North won, fears were worsened because the British has supported the Southern canfereracy in the US civil war -1863 British Columbia expanded to present-day boundries (excluding Vancovouver Island
  • Canada 1867 - 1873

    • Canada's 1st Prime Minister, John A. MacDonald, purshased Ruper Land from the Hudson Bay Company in 1869
    • The Metis who lived in the Red River area of Rupert Land were not consulted about the deal.
    • In 1871, British Columbia agreed to jion Canada after the federal government promised a transcontenental railroad to make trade easier with the East.
  • Cananda 1873 - 1882

    In 1873, Prime minster MacDonald creates the North West Mounted Police to act as law enforcment for the North-West Territories.
    In 1876- Intercontinental which joined Ontairo and Quebec to the Matimes was completed.
    In 1880 Artic islands are transfered to Canada as part of Noth West Territories.
    In 1882 Districts of Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Athabaska are created for postal and administive purpouses.
  • Canada 1882 - 1895

    • In 1885, the Canadian Pacific Railway was completed.
    • Metis People rebelled under the leadership of Louis Riel over problems with land title, shipping rates and their lack of election government.
    • Between 1891- 1896, there were 5 prime ministers: John Abbott, John Thompson, Mackenzie Bowell, Charles Tupper and Willfred Laurier
    • 1893, The National Council of Women of Canada is formed to improve the conditions for female prisoners, women working in factories and female immigrants.
  • 1895 - 1905

    • In 1896, Wilfred Laurier was voted Prime Minister and came up with a solution to the Manitoba Schools Question. A compromise was established whereby different types of religious instuction would be allowed within a single system and French instruction would be availble where there was significant demand.
    • 1901, the first transltic radio signal was recieved in St.John's, Newfounland.
    • 1905 Alberta and Sasktchewan became the 8th and 9th provinces.
  • Canada 1905 -1912

    • Between 1901 and 1911, Canada's population increased from 5,373,135to 7,206,643.
    • 1907- National Council Of Women of Canada wanted "equal pay for equal work"
    • when Britain requested Canada's help in building it Navy, Laurier responded with a compromise: He Established the Canadian Navy in 1910 and allowed it to support the Britain cause if needed.
    • 1912 Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec expanded Northward.The colony of NewfoundLand disputes Quebecs eastern boundry.
  • Canada 1912 - 1977

    • In 1918, Canadian Women were granted the right to vote.
    • In 1918, 25,00 Canadians and Newfoundlanders were killed in the battle of Somme
    • 1918, Canadian parliament building were destroyed in a fire.
    • 1930, the League of Nations was formed with Canada as a member.
    • 1920, the Northwest mounted police became the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
    • 1920, Women became eligible to sit in the house of commons. -1925, Canadian Boundries are extended to the- North Pole.
  • Canada 1977 - 1999

    • 1927, Old Age Penison Act was Introduced.
    • 1930's the Great Depression. 1935- 10% of Canadians were depented on some form of financial relief.
    • 1939, World War Two was declared.
    • 1940, unemployment insurance was intrudouced.
    • 1945, war ended.
    • 1949, Newfoundland became Canada's 10th province.
    • 1967, Canada celebrated 100 years of a country.
  • Canada 1999

    • On Apirl 1, 1999, Canada added a new terriory called Nunavut. it makes up about 1/5 of Canada with a population of approximatley 27,00 roughly 85% are inuit.
    • Northwest passage dispute: While Canada claims sovereignty over the northern waters , the U.S. considers the route to be through international waters.
    • the U.S. and Canada disagree on where to draw the border line on the Machias Seal Island.