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  • Composición VII

    Composición VII
    Wassily Kandinsky's first abstract watercolour, Untitled, painted in 1913 is one of the first works of art to emerge from the representative tradition of Western European painting
  • composicion VIII

    composicion VIII
    Composition VIII represents a set of lines, shapes and colours arranged in space, giving rise to an abstract composition of elements that invite the discovery of multiple meanings and intentions of the author. The interpretation is open and the spectator can contribute his own ideas, feelings, sensations or evocations, which generates an interactive relationship with the work and allows for different readings and meanings, depending on the sensitivity of the person observing it.
  • Amarillo,rojo y azul

    Amarillo,rojo y azul
    Kandinsky painting attempts, through colour, to reflect the duality between the outside world and the inside world. Kandinsky states that art must transmit the feelings that are hidden inside people. For this reason, his art is characterized by the desire to end all forms and representations of the outside world, since he considers that they are not necessary. An abstract form helps us to focus on the feelings and emotions it arouses instead of focusing only on the image represented.
  • Algunos círculos

    Algunos círculos
    The viewer has the curious sensation of observing a kind of galactic ensemble: the black background is irregular and on it the circles of different sizes are cut out and touch, overlap or move away from each other. These not only differ in size but also in shade: the small circles tend to be warm while the cold ones are reserved for the larger shapes.

    Is a pyrotechnic of fantasy and serene complexity of Kandinsky's works: on a series of geometric circles passes a flock of signs and biomorphic elements, some of which unfold as a painting within the same painting.