Kaetlyn Bowser- The Hot Zone

  • First known person

    A man named Klaus F broke out with the virus for the first time recorded on August 8th and died two weeks later.
  • Test tubes

    Renate L beoke a test tube that was supposed to be sterilized because it contained the infected material. He started to get sick on the 4th.
  • Heinrich P

    The monkey keeper (Heinrich) came back from his holiday and on the 14th-23rd is when he killed all of the monkeys.The symptoms started to appear on the 21st.
  • Nurse Mayinga death

    Nurse Mayinga died from the Ebola virus. She took care of a nun that died from the Ebola virus and then she caught it from her. Some of the nurses blood was given to different parts of the world for sampling.
  • Charles Monet

    Charles was French and he lived in Africa. He worked at Nzoia Sugar Factory. He was 56 years old and he lived all by himself. The only people that were around him were his friends.
  • Camping Trip/ Kitum Cave

    Charles went on a camping trip with his lady friend. They were sleeping outside in the wilderness. They went into a cave and walked all around the cave. There were many things in the cave that they encountered that could have got Charles sick.
  • Charles Monet feeling sick

    Charles Monet started feeling sick. He started missing work and his co-workers were getting concerned.
  • Nancys dangerous

    Nancy thinks that the blood from the monkeys get inside her suit. She thought that the blood got into her cut inside of her suit. The blood didn't get into her suit and did not get to her.
  • Nancy Jaxx Ebola work

    Nancy Jaxx began working with the Ebola project and thought she was exposed to Ebola but it was just a false alarm. She thought that the Ebola got into her cut had from a tear in the space suit.
  • Ebola Air-born

    Monkeys were getting sick when they had no other contact with the other monkeys. That is when they found out that Ebola travels through air.
  • Experiment

    There was an experiment by Gene Johnson with monkeys that showed that the Marburg virus is airborne.
  • Gene's experiment with viruses

    Gene Johnson did a experiment that showed how Marburg and Ebola can travel through air. He infected monkeys with Ebola and let them breathe into other monkeys airways and that monkey got sick.
  • Peter's blood

    A person from the Army handed a box to Gene Johnson. Inside of the box was Peter Johnsons blood. Gene did tests on the blood samples.
  • Monkey shipment

    There was an importation and selling of lab animals through the Corning Inc Hazelton.
  • First monkey deaths

    There were 29 monkeys that died. The monkeys were dying in large numbers.
  • Sending 053 monkey samples

    Monkey samples from monkey 053 was sent to USAMRID.
  • Exposure

    Tom Geisbert and Dan D wiffed the vial of the virus. They didn't say anything to anyone and they were worried that they possibly could catch the virus through the air.
  • Results

    The test results from the monkeys show that the blood from the monkeys was Ebola. The Army and the CDC start to work together.
  • Worker sick

    One of the workers at the monkey house get sick and have to go to the hospital.
  • Monkeys gone from Reston

    All of the monkeys were gone from the Reston house. They disinfect the intire area.