Jully black

Jully Black

By ivy2012
  • Jully Black when she was born

    Jully Black was born in Jully Ann Inderia Gordon in 1977, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. November 8, 1977 she is now 35 years old she was born in the Toronto area near Jane snd Finch
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  • Jully Black's childhood

    Jully Black is grew up as a single paret home and the youngest of nine children. Her life was hard she a twin brother who died at birth,when she was seven Jully's father left her and her family, and when Jully was ten she lost her older sister her life was like a rollercoaster.When she was also seven she was started singing in a church choir, a few years later she won her local talent show and singing events in her community.
  • Awards/Achievements

    Jully won the R/B soul song.
  • Awards/Nominations

    In 1997 Jully won the Juno Award for "Best Rap Recording" Song:"What it Takes" 2005: Canadian Urban Music Award (CUMA) for Dance/Electronic Recording of the Year, "Sweat of Your Brow" (Tricky Moreira [Just BE Remix]) (WINNER)
  • Awards/Nominations

    2012: Juno Award for R&B/Soul Recording of the Year "Set It Off" f. Kardinal Offishal (NOMINATION)
    2010: Juno Award for R&B/Soul Recording of the Year "The Black Book" (NOMINATION)
    2008: Single of the Year, "Seven Day Fool" (NOMINATION)
    2008: R&B/Soul Recording of the Year, "Revival" (WINNER)
    2006: Juno Award for R&B/Soul Recording of the Year, "Sweat of Your Brow" (NOMINATION)
  • Jully Black's Achievements

    Jully Black's Achievements
    Jully Black has won the Juno Awards.
  • Jully Black Raised Money for Children in Haiti

    Jully Black Raised Money for Children in Haiti
    Jully Black was helping children in Haiti by singing a song named "Wavin' flag" she and plenty of other young artist recorded this song and sold over 80,000 downloads.
  • Collabarations

    Jully black has worked and written songs for many famous singers including Nas, Saukrates, Choclair, Kardinal Offishall, Destiny's Child, and Sean Paul.
  • Television Apperances

    2012: The Marilyn Denis Show (TV series)
    2010: George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight (TV series)
  • Jully Black's Eduaction

    Jully Black's Eduaction
    After Jully Black graduated from Oakwood Collegiate she went to Seneca College for law enforced training she said "I' v'e always loved law because I experienced injustice"
  • Record Label

    Record Label
    The record label that Jully Black works with is the Universal Music Group.