Greatescape mcqueencover

(JS) The Great Escape by Paul Brickhill, Nonfiction, 264 pages

  • Chapters 1-10

    The Great Escape takes place in Germany during WWII in a few different German Commpounds for captured enemies. The people at the commpound are trying to escape through many ways, yet all but a few, get caught. The main Charchter, Roger Bushell, forms th X organization, which organizes prizoners in order to ecape. They begin building 3 tunnels, which go by Tom, Harry, and Dick. The tunnels are 30 feet deep. "Tom" is the only tunnel that goes on because time is short. Pgs. 1-102 total 892
  • Chapters 10-17

    After the Tunnel "Tom" was almost done, there was a suprise search and the tunnel was found. Everyone was depressed, so they started working on"Hairy" during the winter so it wouldn't be found. They also created clothes that looked like citizens' or commanders. They also forged letters and tickets. Now, on the day of escape, they found out the tunnel was too short, but stilltried to escape with major delays. Only about 76 of the 220 made it out. Pgs. 102-189 total: 987
  • Chapters 17-19

    After the tunnel was found, many of the men found working on it were sent to punishment in the "cooler". There was a huge alert and everyone in Germany new about it in a few hours. Due to the snow, escapees had to walk in the streets, and many were caught. They also got caught on trains when their forged papers were examined closely. Only 3 made it to London, and the rest expected to go to the cooler but Hitler planned to kill half of them which is very scary. Pgs. 190-214 Total 1003
  • Chapters 19-End

    In this part of the book, the men are mysteriously marched to another compound, and then another.On this journey on foot, many men die from either being shot, getting sick, etc. Before they get to their final destination, a British tank comes out of the wilderness.The war was over and everyone was free. In the Aftermath, the british and their allies search for the murderers of the 50 deaths.Almost all of them are found, tried, and either got death penalty or life in prison.Pgs215-264 Total 1052