Josias Bauer's Life

  • Born

    I was born at 10:09am. I weight 8lbs. 11.oz. I was 19.5 in. tall.
  • 1st Halloween

    i was a baby for Halloween
  • 1st Christmas

    1st time I sat on Santa's lap
  • First Steps

    I was bow legged.
  • Accident

    I ran into a table. Then my tooth went through my lip.
  • Pre-K

    1st day of Pre-K, I think I ate glue.
  • 1st Day Of School

    My first friend and fight
  • First Time Playing Football

    I was playing flag football for the YMCA. The number that i was wearing was 20. Now that is my favorite number.
  • Taekwondo

    I broke a board with my hands and my feet. I think he broke it for me. It was 1 inch. thick.
  • Adoption

    This day was a very emotional day for me. It was like i was reborn. A lot of wieght fell of my shoulder.
  • 1st Touchdown

    The werid thing was that i scored on my B-day. Must of been the B-day luck.