Joseph Saberton Civil war Letter Time line

  • An Eleven day march

    An Eleven day march
    Going to leave station in Otterville for an 11 day march to Warsaw
  • Another Area change

    Another Area change
    Expecting and waiting for orders to march to saint louis in a few days from their current area in Syracuse.
  • Sicknesses Spread

    Sicknesses Spread
    in Saint Louis a lot of people are being affected by measles or labor in poor weather so there's only "five hundred men or so well off"
  • Near Death

    Near Death
    In the field, Camp near Corinth two of his allies shot and killed next to him in a fight and it was scary because he calls it a “close shaving” probably meaning he was almost hit.
  • To live or not to live

    To live or not to live
    In the field, Camp near Corinth he's talking about his plausible death in the near battle and sending as much money as he can incase he does die so they can use it.
  • Miserable Camping

    Miserable Camping
    In Memphis Tennessee it's sandy and hot and water is scarce so 6 men have died, there are extreme weather conditions with a blizzard, mosquitos eating them up, and low food sources.
  • Near a Storm

    Near a Storm
    In Bolivar they are in line of battle and expecting violent interaction anytime now
  • A bit of a Fixer Upper

    A bit of a Fixer Upper
    In a Camp near LaGrange in Tennessee they're fixing up the railroads to holly springs that were destroyed in war
  • Sick Times

    Sick Times
    in Memphis he is sick with what he calls “the chills”, probably the cold or flu and will probably have it for the rest of fall
  • Sickness Strikes the Army men Again

    Sickness Strikes the Army men Again
    in Decatur Ala a great many of the army men are in the hospital sick
  • Christmas without family

    Christmas without family
    Out in battle on Christmas day at the Camp near Savana Ga.
  • That's all Folks

    That's all Folks
    1865 February shot in the arm at the battle near Bolivar and died after