Joseph Stalin

By rnpatel
  • Birth

    Joseph Stalin was the son of Katherine and Ivanovich Djugashvili. He was born in Gori, Georgia. Gori is in the southern part of Russia. Stalin's original name was Josef Vissarionvich Djugashvili which he eventually changed to Joseph Stalin in his 30s. Stalin means man of steel. Stalin grew up very poor. His father was a shoemaker and his mother was a laundress. Stalin had a very rough childhood with his father beating him and he had smallpox at a young age which left Stalin scars (Archer 11).
  • The First Airplane

    The first airplane was made by the Wright brothers. This was one of the most important inventions of time because it has been used to transport things or people. It was also helpful in war when you need to get supplies to your troops. So that is why the airplane is one of the most important invention.
  • Theory of Relativity

    The Theory of Relativity explains the relationships between speed, time, and distance. This theory states that the speed of light always remains the same speed. It doesn't matter how fast someone is travellling towards or away from light, the speed of light always stays the same. This theory is very important for future science because it is the foundation of most of mordern science ("Life Changing Science Discoveries").
  • Rutherford's Theory on Atomic Structure

    Before Rutherford's theory it was believed that the atom had no particles inside. Which Rutherford proved wrong once he completed the gold foil expirement. The gold foil expirement was when Rutherfords shot some positive alpha particles into a piece of gold foil. According to the science at that time the light should have passed right through the foil but it did not. The light bounced off the piece of foil and it proved that the atom had positive particles on the inside ("Grun 465").
  • Period: to

    Russian Revolution

    During the Russian Revolution the tsar at that time had been overthrown once the revolution was over. In it's place the Bolshevik party came into power with Lenin as their leader. Lenin brought along Stalin with him where Stalin eveturally became the General Seretary. With Lenin bringing Stalin along with him this started Stalin's politicall life where he eventually become the dictator of Russia ("Joseph Stalin's Biography").
  • Stalin elected General Secretary of the Communist Party

    This was not a very important job at the time. It just allowed Stalin to make all the appointments for all the party members. This allowed Stalin to take favors from the members of the party until all the members owed Stalin. By the time they realized what had happened it was too late, and evn Lenin was too sick to do anything about it. So Stalin took a small job and made it his base for his rise to power ("Joseph Stalin Biography").
  • Period: to

    Stalin attacks Trotsky

    Trotsky was the successor of Vladimir Lenin. Since he was the successor Stalin had to get rid of him to become the next ruler of Russia. So Stalin exiled Trotsky even though Trotsky was favoured over Stalin ("Joseph Stalin's Biography").
  • Vladimir Lenin's Death

    Lenin's death was a key point in Stalin's rise to power. With Lenin out of the way anyone could have become the leader of the Soviet union. Stalin set out to destroyed the old party leadership to take control. Stalin executed or exiled many high ranked men who tried to become the next year. Once Stalin di become the dictator he became paranoid and Staln ruled as a cruel dictator ("Joseph Stalin Biography").
  • The Big Bang Theroy

    Georges Lemaitre proposed the Big Bang Theory. The theory is that the universe was created when a tiny dot called a singularity expanded rapidly and it was instantly filled with our universe. This was an important theory because it marked the beginning of the universe ("Life Changing Science Discoveries").
  • Period: to

    Stalin's Five-year Plan

    Stalin's Five-year Plan was used to expand industrial production. It improved heavy industry like coal, electricity, oil, and steel. The Five-year Plan gave many opportunities for a jon. Even women were allowed to work and earn money. Although it created jobs, thousands died due to disease or injuries while working. Overall the plan created more problems then solving problems. Some of the problems were no consumer goods were produced for the people ("Stalin-the Five-year Plan").
  • Hubble's Law

    Edwin Hubble was a American astronomor who created Hubble's law. Hubble's law states that the universe is still expanding. Hubble noticed that it seemed the galaxies were moving away from the earth but that is not possible because the earth is not the center of the universe. So Hubble hypothesized that the universe is still expanding ("Hubble's Law").
  • Period: to

    The Great Famine

    The Great Famine was a time period when the Soviet Union was left to starve. The Union had a bad harvest between 1932 and 1933. With all the starvations Stalin blamed the people for the high prices for food. Stalin said that since the people were being selfish and keeping food for themselves the prices were increased. So Stalin took most of the food from the people which left millions to die from starvation ("The Great Famine").
  • Period: to

    The Great Purge

    The Great Purge was the killing of millions under Stalin. The purges were carried out by the Communist Secret Police which was Stalin's personal police force. The purge was used to kill the Communist Party because they opposed Stalin's ideas. Many people were sent to labour camps where most died and even the Soviet Army had millions dead. Overall the Great Purge killed millions ("Of russian Origin: Stalin's Purges").
  • Period: to

    World War II

    Stalin played a major role in stopping Germany from winning the war. In the beginning Stalin became very nervous in Hitler's quick victories. Then soon Hitler attacked Stalin and for a limited time Stalin had been weakend. Then soon Stalin drove Hiter out of Russia which led the Hitler's army to be weakened. Which led to Hitler's downfall. So this showed how Stalin was trying to help Russia even though he did many horrible things to the people of Russia ("Stalin's Role in WWII").
  • Double Helix Structure of DNA

    On this day Watson and Crick found the double helix structure of DNA. The double helix creates the instructions that the body needs to follow. The double helix tells us the body what color eyes we should have, hair color, etc. This discovery was very important because helped doctors understand diseases and cure many dangerous diseases ("Life Changing Science Discoveries").
  • Death

    Stalin finally died in Moscow, Russia. Stalin grew too paranoid in his final years which eventually led to a stroke, dying at the age of 74. Stalin's final resting place was near the Kremlin Wall, which was part of the de-Stalinization which was started by Stalin's successor Nikita Khruschev. Over Stalin's lifetime he killed 20 million people during his rule (Blassingame 169).