Cold war sides

Jordan Boulding's Cold War Timeline

By Jbould
  • Spies in Canada: Gouzenko Affair

    Spies in Canada: Gouzenko Affair
    Final testomony- Gouzenko was goin to be sent to be sent to Russia with his family instead he offered information about soviet spies to try to stay in Canada
    - In return he asked for protection
    - Soviet agents tried to kill him after he told the Canadian Government about the Spies
    - Then the Canadian Government got involved and stopped the Soviet agents
    - 18 or 39 people Gouzenko named were found guilty of spying
    - Gouzenko was protected by RCMP for the rest of his lie untilhe died of natural causes
  • Berlin Blockade

    Berlin Blockade
    Berlin Wall- Germany, the soviets blocked the western allies railway, road, and canal access to the sectors of Berlin under allied control
    - First major clash after World War 2
    -Blockade was a total Political for the Soviets and the West turned it into a Major Victory
  • UN Peacekeeping: The Suez Crisis and Pearson wins Nobel Prize

    UN Peacekeeping: The Suez Crisis and Pearson wins Nobel Prize
    -Egyption leadr seized control of the Suex Canal, a crotical shipping route, which was run by French and Britsh intrests
    -dubber "the lifetime of empire", the Canal was an absoluely vital conduit for oil. If Nasser blocked the precious flow, he could cripple the British economy
    - In 1956 Lester B. Pearson led Canada into middle power respectablility when he pulled the world back from the brink of war in the Middle East
  • International Alliance: NATO

    International Alliance: NATO
    NATO stratagies- NATO (North American Treaty Organization) is a defence pact intended to protect against further soviet aggression
    - Soviet Union spreading its communist system as for as they could
    - Canada, Some contires in Western Europe and the U.S.A become concerned about national security
    -Soviets were scared of a NATO so they organized a military alliance called the Warshaw Pact
  • Korean War

    Korean War
    Life in the war- Communist of North Korea attack South Korea againts communist aggresion
    -U.S.A helped South Korea
    - Under American infulence, the security council or the United Nations condemned the attack by North Korea and called on United Nations members to assist South Korea
    - Canda ranked third in total aid of \Aouth Korea
    -Canadian troops were asked to stay in Kora until 1955 to help maintain in the uneasy truce
  • Spuntik and Canda's Space program

    Spuntik and Canda's Space program
    Launch-1957 Soviets launched first satellite
    - Could be used to deliver a nuclear warhead to any spot in North America
    - U.S.A. feared they had better technology so they made longer missles which were long range specialized
    -Soviets copied the long missle
  • Diefenbaker, Bomarc missiles and nuclear warheads in Canada

    Diefenbaker, Bomarc missiles and nuclear warheads in Canada
    • John Diefenbaker deployed 56 american made Bomarc missiles with nuclear weapons in Ontario
    • Which caused a contreversy whether nuclear weapons should be deployed on Canadian Soil
    • Canada convinced U.S.A. to to launch missiles on there own soil -Missiles were designed to bomb soviet bonbers
  • Continental Alliances NORAD and DEW line

    Continental Alliances NORAD and DEW line
    DEWNORAD (North American Air Defense)
    - Military technology continued to improve during 1950's
    - With a long range missle able to deliver a nuclear bomb 16,000 km away North America needed a better defense system
    -NORAD agreement was signed in 1958
    - In the agreement the U.S.A. and Canada agreed to defend each other DEW (Distance Early Warning)
    - DEW was a solution
    - Was a high power radar
    - DEW can pick up missles or unidentified aircraftes for 4800 km away
    - Then NORAD would be contacted
  • Avro Arrow and its Cancelation

    Avro Arrow and its Cancelation
    First flight of the Avro arrow- The avro arrow was an advanced supersonic, twin-engine, all weather aircraft developed by canada
    - It was considered and advanced technical adn aerodynamic achievement for the Canadian aviation industry
    - exceeded 60,000 feet
    - Was intended to be the Primary interceptor
    It was canceled because the government thought it would be a natural threat to North America
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Cuban Missile Crisis
    Documentry- American spy planes had photographed the construction of Soviet missles on the Island of Cuba
    -Presedent Kennedy set up a blockade to stop missles from reaching American land
    -Soviets turned back before reaching the land
    - Cuban missle crisis was over
  • Canada Soviet Hockey Series

    Canada Soviet Hockey Series
    Hatred between Canada and the Soviets
    - Canada has tried to beat the European teams for years but they were consitantly better and had more skill
    - The Soviets played rough and fast hockey
    - But in 1972 Canadians had the best team they have ever had so everyone new there was going to be a good series
    - Then in the last minute of the final game Paul Henderson scored to win the series for canada
  • Vietnam War and Draft Dodgers in Canada

    Vietnam War and Draft Dodgers in Canada
    • At the start of the Vietnam War, Canada was a member of the International Control Commission overseeing the implementation of the Geneva Agree -Thousands of men fought to the death over sea's -Groups of american sons fled to their homeland and then journeyed into North Canada to stay safe
    • estimated 50,000 draft-age Americans moved to Canada to avoid the U.S.A. prosecution
    • Canada was stongly on the American side
    • They only returned in 1977 when Presedent Jimmy Carter granted amnesty
  • The Fall of The Berlin Wall

    The Fall of The Berlin Wall
    • The wall was built to stop large numbers of defections by January 1990 the regime was auctioning off large slobs of the wall for hard currency -had set december for total demolition of wall
    • but in october East Germany was formally absorbed into the Federal Republic of Germany and Only sections of the Wall remained standing, as memorials
  • The Fall of the Soviet Union

    The Fall of the Soviet Union
    • The Soviet Union split into 15 different seprate contries
    • It was heavealy celebrated by the West as a victory of freedom
    • The U.S.A. rejoiced as a there enemy's were defeated
    • It changed the whole worlds view on political situations