Jordan 9A

By hisgeo
  • 7250 BCE


    Amman is Jordan's most populous city with more than one million people. Amman has its origin as the ancient town of the Ammonites. The town is a booming economy within Jordan and is among the highest ranking cities in Asia and North Africa regions.
  • 611


    Islam began with the preaching of Muhammad in 611 A.C. in Mecca (in present-day Saudi Arabia) Under the leadership of Muhammad and his successors, Islam spread rapidly.
  • Zarqa

    Zarqa is the second most populous city in Jordan with a population of 395,227. The city existed from the first century and was established by the Chechen. Zarqa then served as a residential and military town. Zarqa serves as the industrial area of Jordan with more than half of the industries in Jordan.
  • Inependence Day

    Inependence Day
    The emirate of Transjordan was formed from the British Mandate of Palestine and recognized by the Council of the League of Nations in 1992. Still, by that time many aspects were still under British control. When World War II ended, Britain ended their mandate over the region, and on May 25th, 1946, Jordan became an official Sovereign state known as The Hashemite Kingdom of Transjordan. Then, on December 1st, 1948, the name of the state was changed to The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
  • Amman Medical city

    Amman Medical city
    Amman medical city is a medical complex that is formed by 5 hospitals that were joined together to form this medical complex for soldiers.
  • Muslim

    The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a majority Muslim country with 95% of the population following Sunni Islam
  • Invention against ISIS

    Invention against ISIS
    Invention against ISIS (2014–)
    ~ Unilateral US-Arab intervention against Syrian Islamists.
  • Intervention in Yemen

    Intervention in Yemen
    Intervention in Yemen (2015–)
    ~Houthis dissolve Yemeni government
    ~Houthis take control of northern Yemen
  • New Amman City

    New Amman City
    New Amman City isn't done yet but the Jordan goverment deduce that it will be finished for 2030