• Troops

    French troops ousted and governor Faisal tood over Jordan
  • Transjordan

    Transjordan became a constitutional state
  • Independance

    Independent Hashmite Kingdom declared under treaty with Great Britian
  • Isreal attack

    Hashmite Kingdom and Britian attack Isreal (west Jordan)
  • Name change

    Countries name was changed to Jordan
  • West Bank

    Jordan annexed the west bank
  • assassination

    king abdullah was assassinated for the annex
  • Treaty with Britian

    King Hussein ended Jordan's treaty with Great Britian
  • Mutual Defense pact

    King Hussein signed a Mutual defense pact with Egyptian president Garnal abdel Nasser in 1967
  • 1Peace with Jewish state

    The Israeli-Jordanian Peace Accord ended 46 years of hostile relations and made Jordan the second Arab nation to reach peace with the Jewish state.
  • King Hussein died

    King Hussein died of cancer on this day and was succeeded by his son Abdullah ibn Hussein.
  • Policies

    Abdullah ibn Hussein vowed to continue his father's domestic and foreign policies
  • Parliament

    The king dissolved Parliament
  • Government

    This king dissolved Government and appointed a new prime Minister