wealth influences on colonization

  • Jamestown

    Britians entered Jamestown in hope to find gold. They settled there and searched for gold to make money and be wealthy.
  • Headright System

    Colonist started the headright system and slaves got to be free after 7-10 years if they were still alive. They payed their freedom dues and were able to leave.
  • Tobacco sales

    By 1624, Virginia was selling millions in tobacco. It was a huge deal in this time and it was a nig money maker for most people. King James actually hated tobacco/ smoking, but he wanted / liked money so he kept selling it.
  • Educating philipenos on American style learning

  • Olympian fellowship banquet of AMericans weathiest men

  • Carnegie Corporation

  • Two men chatting during surpreme court

  • Great Depression

  • McCuthcheon v. FEC

    Framers gave good reason on why there should be a connection between politial speech and governmental action.
  • Citizens United v. Federal Election Commison