John Adam's Timeline

By jess313
  • Period: to

    John Adams

  • The day John Adams was born

  • Abagail Adams was born

  • The day John Adams graduated Harvard

  • Abagail Smith married John Adams

    They were married in Massachusttes and lived on John Adams' farm
  • Parliament passes the Stamp Act

    This is the first direct tax on the American Colonies. It taxed all printed materials except private correspondance and books. Only Georgia enforces it.
  • Abagail Amelia was born

    First child and daughter of John and Abagail Adams. She was nicknamed Nabby.
  • John Quincy Adams was born

    He later becomes the sixth president of America.
  • The Townshend Revenue Acts

    They impose taxes on the sale of glass, lead, paper, tea, and paint. Later, in 1770 all of these taxes will be repealed except the tax on tea
  • Susanna Adams is born

    She is the second daughter of John Adams.
  • Susanna Adams dies

  • Boston Massacre

    British soldiers opened fire into a mob of colonsists and killed five citizens.
  • Charles Adams is born

    John Adams second son.
  • Thomas Boylston Adams was born

    He was the third and final son of John and Abagail Adams. He was born in Braintree
  • Boston Tea Party

  • The Coercive (Intolerable) Acts are passed

    This is passed due to the Boston Tea Party as well as restore order in Massachusetts.
  • The Second Continental Congress meets and forms the Continental Army

  • Battle of Lexington

    John and Abagail Adam's watched the cannons fire from Penn's Hill in Braintree. Britain wins but lost many soldiers.
  • The Second Continental Congress submits the Olive Branch Petition to King George The Third

    This pettition is disproved by Adams. It says that the colonies pledge loyalty to England, but all military activity against the colonists must cease immediately, the king refused to read it.
  • The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is adopted

    This was written by John Adams and serves as the model for the U.S. Consitution and is still in effect today.
  • John Adams, Ben Franklin, and John Jay sign the Treaty of Paris

    This ends the War of Independence (Revolutionary War).
  • John Adams was elected president

  • John Adam's term ended

  • Date Abagail Smith Adams Died

    She dies from typhoid fever.
  • John Quincy Adams became the sixth president of the U.S.

    John Adams' oldest son become president
  • Death of John Adams

    He died at Peacefield on the same day as Thomas Jefferson. His famous last words are "Thomas Jefferson survives".