Joanne Ocasio

  • Birth

    I was born in Queens New York.
  • Moved to Philadelphia

    My parents moved to Philadelphia when I was 5 years old.
  • Moved to Puerto Rico

    My parents moved to Puerto Rico. I was 13 years old.
  • Learn to speak and write in Spanish

    I went to school in Puerto Rico where learning a new language in term of reading and writing was very difficult.
  • Married

    In 1982 I got married which I am still married to the same man. For 29 years wow!
  • My graduation

    I could not go to my graduation activities because I had gave birth to my baby boy.
  • My son first son was born

    My first son was born i was only 17 years old but it was a lovely expereince.
  • English teacher

    I began to teach English to fourth grade students and since then I have been teaching the same grade.
  • Teaching first grade

    In 2010 I had to teach English to first grade students and this year to .
  • Bilingual Cerification

    Now I am taking my cerification in Bilingual education at the Sagrado Corazon University. Wow is a very big challenge but I am going to make it.