• Birth

    I was born on this date.
  • Preschool

    First day in preschool.
  • Parents Devoreced

    Parents seperated.
  • Brothers graduation

    Both of my brothers graduated from Mukwonago.
  • Chipped my tooth

    I got hit in the face with a baseball and my tooth chipped in half.
  • First Dog died

    We got my dog one week after i was born.
  • Went to Europe

    Went to Italy
  • Start of middle school

    First day at Park View.
  • Bahamas cruise

    Took a Cruise on spring break.
  • Went to Europe 2

    Went to Spain, France, and England
  • Start of Highschool

    First day at MHS.
  • First Ohio State game

    Went to see the Badgers play Ohio State