Jefferson As Presidnt

  • Judiciary Act

    When Marbury complained to the supreme court. Marshall ruled in favor of Madison by declaring unconstitutional part of the Judiciary act of 1789.
  • State Legislatures

    In kentucky and virgina resolutions of 1798, jefferson and madison had claimed that power for the state legislatures.
  • Revaloution Of 1800

    Jefferson insisted that the revolution of 1800 was a real revoultion in the principles of our government as that of 1776 was in its form.
  • district of columbia

    in early 1801 outgoing president john adams had appointed william marbury, a federalist a justice for the district of columbia.
  • fashion able life

    despised the conventional and artifical usages of couts and fashion able life in 1801
  • louisiana territory

    In 1801frances military dictator, napolean bonaprte had forced spain to give him the louisiana territory, including the strategic city of new orleans.
  • judicial review

    in 1803 marshall first asserted the power of judicial review in the case of marbury v. madison
  • louisiana purchase

    in the louisiana purchase of 1803 jefferson obtained a vast territory extending from the mississipi river to the mockey mountains.
  • lewis an clark expedition

    in 1804 jefferson sent meriwether lewisand william clark to explore new territory, in what became known as the lewis and clark expedition.
  • Taxes

    despite reducing taxes, he cut the national debt from 80 million when he took office to $57 million in 1809.