Jane Eyre Timeline

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    Chapter 1

    Jane Eyre lives with her Aunt Reed who bullies her along with her wicked children. John Reed is especially mean to her, hurls a book at her. This shows how miserable her life actually is and how badly she wishes to escape.
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    Chapter 2

    Jane is escorted to the red room where it is rumored Mr.Reeds ghost lives. This is the first supernatural encounter in the novel and is a valued Gothic element which is present.
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    Chapter 3

    We learn about Jane's father from a conversation between Bessie and miss Abbott. Jane's mother was a part of the wealthy Reed family and her father was an impoverished clergy man. They both died of typhus shortly after Jane was born. This explains why she is living with her Aunt Reed and why she is forced to endure this miserable lifestyle.
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    Chapter 4

    Jane is going to leave for Lowood, an all girls school. Her Aunt warns the headmaster that Jane is known for lying. Jane, unable to stand anymore judgement, absolutely destroys Aunt Reed's career. Saying how she is gad she is of no relation of hers, she is glad to be leaving and to never see her or her vile children again. This breaks the invisible bond between them and allows Jane to be free and go on with life.
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    Chapter 5

    Jane arrives at her new school. It is dark and gloomy, another Gothic element. She has an unpleasant teacher and a very kind superintendent, but she soon learns that Mr.Brocklehurst oversees everything. She befriends Helen Burns, a fellow orphan at the school. This begins a friendship and also sets up for Jane's next miserable lifestyle.
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    Chapter 6

    Jane learns that life is hard at Lowood. They cannot wash their hands one morning because the water is frozen. They sit through endless sermons. This is showing her cruel lifestyle continues
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    Chapter 9

    Helen Burns dies. Jane loses one of her only friends. Her grave is originally unmarked but 15 years later is marked presumably by Jane. This shows that Jane always remember Helen as a part of her life worth going through the extra trouble to make sure she was remembered.
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    Chapter 11

    Jane arrives in Thornfield which is the start of another chapter in her life. She is now a governess and meets miss Fairfax and Grace Poole. She also hears an eerie life. Instead of peacing out like a sane person she decides to stay. She will soon meet her employer, Mr.Rochester
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    Chapter 12

    Jane Eyre speaks of a gyaltrash, a supernatural creature who disguises itself as a dog, mule, or horse. Coincidentally a dog starts barking. Mr.Rochester falls off his horse and sprains his ankle. Jane helps him. This is setting up their love connection.
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    Chapter 15

    A fire starts in Rochester's bedroom and Jane puts it out. Unsure of who started the fire it leaves a mystery and an eerie mood.
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    Chapter 18-19

    A gypsy disguised Mr.Rochester comes to tell Miss Ingram that Rochester wasn't as rich as previously thought. Jane comes in and eventually recognizes the gypsy as Rochester. This begins to show his true feelings for Jane.
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    Chapter 20

    After hearing a cry for help, Jane rushes to help. After reassuring everyone that a guest has had a nightmare, Rochester beckons Jane. Mr.Mason has been stabbed by an unknown attacker. He later dies. This creates another mysteryand Mr.Mason later dies.
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    Chapter 21

    John Reed has committed suicide and Aunt Reed is on her death bed. Jane returns to Gateshead to smooth relations. But her Aunt Reed is as hateful as ever. Jane has grown so much since the last time they met. Jane has forgiven her Aunt