jakes timeline

  • gails bday.

    gails birthday was the very first day of school.
  • wrestling

    first day of wrestling..
  • deer season

    this is my favoret time of the yeah, the weather is not bad, duck hunting begins and most of all deer season.............. deff skipped a few days for that:)
  • xmas break.

    december 21 was the first day that we went on x mas break.
  • state

    this is when i went to state for werestling with my team mates
  • starting of a new year.

    this was after new years eve and everyone had a fresh start with school and every thing els
  • sucker punch

    i started reading a book called sucker punch
  • work

    april first is wheni sarted my new job.
  • word wall

    this day we studied the word credo,it was a noun that ment a beleif
  • this i belive

    we started a assinment called this i belive. this assinment was the project i learned the most.
  • people

    i worte a article on how people are weird in the own way and how no one is the same.
  • sinors

    this was the last day for sinors at my school. i have allot of freinds that are graduating in that class
  • end of the year:)

    this is the day that we start our finals or in other words end of the year test.
  • excited!

    the day that i got my new truck
  • payday!!!! making bank

    this day is not only pay day but it is the day that i get a riase :)
  • ahhhhh summer:)

    summer break is finally here. then we have only one more year left of school.......
  • birthday

    this is the day that i will turn 18!
  • sister

    my sister turns 20 years old.
  • twin towers

    september 11 was a sad day for america because it was the aniversary to when the twin towers were hyjacked and wrecked into the twin towers.
  • dads bday

    the day after the twin towers got hit was my dads birthday and i feel bad for him because that has not been a fun day for about 10 years.