Jade's Media Arts History Timeline

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    Media Arts

  • Television Invented

    Television Invented
    On September, 7 1927 television made it's first appearance in San Francisco. The system was designed by 21 year old Philo Taylor Fransworth. The first television costed around $300. At the start of the decade when TV's came out 3 million people had one, by the end 55 million owned a television.
  • Mathematical Problem Solving Computers

    Mathematical Problem Solving Computers
    English mathematician Alan Tuning, was the first human to invent a computer that helped solve a math question or equation. He designed it to be able to do math in seconds.
  • Colour Televison

    Colour Televison
    RCA Laboratories were the first company to invent the color television system. The first color show was called "Premiere" that came out in June 25.
  • Television Went Worldwide

    Television Went Worldwide
    Over the decade we went from color TV to magnetic tape, transistors to transatlantic cables. People from all over the world had access to watch TV when they wanted to. Around 600 million people watched the first TV transmission made.
  • Internet Developed

    Internet Developed
    It was only available to university researchers, the military and government services. This was a way to bring computers to the front lines when they were out fighting.
  • Video Games Popularized

    Video Games Popularized
    From the early 1970's and the late 1980's video games really started to popularize and become part of people's lives. They really took a turn when arcade games, gaming consoles and home computer were introduced to people everybody started purchasing them. Some popular games were Pac-Man, Space Invaders and Asteroids.
  • First Telephone Invented

    First Telephone Invented
    Alexander graham Bell was the first man to invent a telephone, a communication device where you could vocalize words through a phone.
  • Blockbusters Game Show Aired

    Blockbusters Game Show Aired
    Blockbusters was an "American Game Show" created by Steve Ryan and Mark Todman. In 1980, there was two separate runs for this show. On one run the contestants answered general questions to complete a path of hexagons on a board. On the other one there was only two contestants that competed. In the game if you won the first round, then you got the opportunity to go play the net round and win $2,500. This is like our reality game show now, Family Feud.
  • Universities Offer "New Media and Design" Programs

    Universities Offer "New Media and Design" Programs
    Universities got the opportunity to have new program advancements with a big range of technology, techniques in graphic design, web design and development, interaction design, 3D modelling, animation, video game design and development, screenwriting, cinema production and studies, and new media theory. Hundreds of students had access to learn about all of these additons to there program.
  • YouTube Was Launched

    YouTube Was Launched
    YouTube is an American video sharing online platform owned by Google. Shortly after YouTube came out it was attracting around 30,000 visitors per day. Millions of users around the world have interacted on the app. Over the time it has been around it has made over $170 billion.
  • Instagram Entered The World

    Instagram Entered The World
    Instagram is an American photo and video network, owned by Facebook. The very first post of a photo of a puppy getting around 264k likes. Instagram is also available in 32 different languages all over the world.
  • TikTok Went Viral

    TikTok Went Viral
    TikTok was first known as musical.y back in 2016. This social media platform mainly used for people to create shirt videos of dancing, singing, comedy or educate people.