Jad's Timeline - November 2013

By jjaber
  • tv hoste(QED)dies at 55

    1963 Fred Uttal, TV host (QED), dies at 55
  • walit

    Feb 20th - After defending his WBC flyweight championship, Sot Chitalada's check for $104,000 is stolen by a ringside pickpocket
  • sr 71

    Mar 6th - SR-71 sets a transcontinental record, flying 2,404 miles in 1:08:17
  • claudentti

    Mar 2nd - Claudette Colbert, suffers a stroke at 89
  • jads birrth day

    March 30 at lebanon I was born.I was born 12:56 pm.
  • 2005 historical event

    Feb 28th - Lebanon's pro-Syrian prime minister, Omar Karami, resigns amid large anti-Syria street demonstrations in Beirut.
  • My first words

    i learnd to say mama baba
  • pirsnal event

    I lernd to walk
  • when i road a trycecal

    I was 3 when i road a trycecal.
  • Sydney Australia

    Mar 31st - In Sydney, Australia, 2.2 million people take part in the first Earth Hour.
  • whene I said my first sentesn

    My first sentens was mama baba come
  • Ipv4

    Feb 3rd - All available blocks of IPv4 internet addresses are officially distributed to regional authorities.
  • 2009 historical event

    Dec 8th - Bombings in Baghdad, Iraq kill 127 and injure 448.
  • Wene I saw my freind

    when I saw my freind he was my first freind ever
  • historical event 2011

    Jan 15th Wikipedia the free internet encyclopedia turns 10 years old.
  • I was 3

    2007 I turnd 3 march 30
  • My first jump

    I was 3 and a half whene i first jumped
  • wene i first took tykondo

    I was 7 wene i took tykondo