Ivan Wong's Australian Colonisation Timeline

By Iwong
  • Captain Arthur Phillip

    Captain Author Phillip came to Australia with orders to establish a colony there.
  • Transportation

    Transportation and communication liked the colonies
  • Van Dieman's land (Tasmania)

    Van Dieman's land (Tasmania) broke away from NSW to become the second country in Australia.
  • New South Whales

    The border of NSW was moved to WA and NSW took 3/4 of Australia and WA only took up 1/4 of Australia.
  • Period: to


    NSW encompassed the most of Australia.
  • Period: to

    Northern Territory

    NT was part of NSW.
  • Britain

    Britain claimed the whole of Australia after establishing the colony of WA.
  • John Batman

    John Batman founded Melbourne.
  • South Australia Rebels

    1836, 15 years before Victoria broke away from NSW, the colony of SA was established.
  • Adelaide

    By the end of 1836 Adelaide became the centre of the new colony.
  • Free settlers

    The colonists wanted their settlement based on free settlers not just convicts.
  • Gold rush

    The discovery of gold was responsible for the population jumping from 39,000 to 200,000 in 20 years. Since the gold rush was discovered the people went to Australia and the population in Britain decreased. People in Australia left the city and went to dig for the easy gold and when the easy gold ran out they returned to the city.
  • Victoria

    The Southern part of NSW broke and became Victoria.
  • Period: to

    The Industrial Revolution

    The Industrial Revolution changed Britain. It made machines replace jobs so you could only go to the city to find a job other wise, you will get poor then you will be forced to pickpocket and to steal to save yourself and your family if you have one.
  • Borders

    The borders were finalised.
  • Period: to

    South Australia

    Part of SA belonged to NSW.