Islania Timeline

By ajd7539
  • Oil Was Discovered

    Oil Was Discovered
    In Western Islania, by the Gulf, some construction workers were drilling the ground to make a man made lake when they discovered a black oily substance! They had found black gold! This event would make the biggest diffrence to Islania's economy and people.
  • Migration

    Immigrants from neighboring islands began to come to Islania in search of jobs. Word had got out that oil drilling and related jobs were available in Islania. They knew that it would be a great place to earn a living working for an oil company.
  • Hurricane Lindsay

    Hurricane Lindsay
    Hurricane Lindsay hit Azulia's coastline on this date. It was a devastating day for the Islanians. May lives were lost and crops destroyed due to flooding. It took a long time to recover from this tragedy. We were sent aid from the United States of America.
  • Period: to


    Starting in February 1977 there was a major drought, which was a big part of Islanian history. There hadn't been rainfall in months, and many plants were dying, so they didn't have as much lumber as ussual. Also, sugar cane, rice nad tropical fruit crops were beign affected. This had been a long and hard time for the Islanians, but on September 29 it was it rained about 3 inches! The drought was officialy over!
  • Invention of Wind Turbines

    Invention of  Wind Turbines
    Ever since the drought the people in Islania were worried that it would happen again. They needed some sort of devise to get water from the ground. It took them a while, but they finnaly came up with a Wind Turbine! The wind turbines used the energy from the wind from the Islanian Mountains to get the ground water up to the fields. They decided they would use this if there was another drought.