Ireland Partition

  • Flight of the Earls

    Gaelic lords fled Ulster (Northern part of Ireland) in 1607. Left the area open for settlement of Scottish Presbyterians and English Protestants.
  • Period: to

    Irish Potato Famine

  • Period: to

    Intensification of Irish Identity

    Deepening of Catholicism and Irish Identity, after the famine. Made Northerners more suspicious of Southerners.
  • Period: to

    World War 1

  • Easter Rising

    Easter Rebels (Catholic Nationalists) rose up against British rule in Dublin. Seen as national heroes in the south, but betrayers in the north.
  • Period: to

    Irish War of Independence (Anglo-Irish War)

    Irish nationalists wanted Independence
  • Start of Irish Free State

    Quasi-autonomous state, still under British Empire but not part of GB
  • IFS becomes Republic of Ireland

    Irish Border Commission included Catholic-majority areas in NI, and they were discriminated against by the Ulster Unionist Party
  • Period: to

    The Troubles

    Period of violence between unionists and nationalists, involved Irish Republican Army (IRA) and British forces
  • Good Friday Agreement

    Decided to share power and stop fighting
  • Northern Ireland Gov't Collapsed

    Power sharing argument between 2 governing parties, parliament dissolved.
  • NI gets a minister again finally

  • Brexit

    Britain left EU, so Ireland is EU but Northern Ireland is not anymore. Affects free movement between the two and renewed the sense of betrayal that GB has betrayed NI