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    Attacked of the Cantabrian Coast

    Attacked of the Cantabrian Coast
    It isn’t not much information of the attack, but the only thing that we know is that, 400 herulos (a tribu) attacked the coast in seven different ships.
  • 778

    The battle of Roncesvalle

    The battle of Roncesvalle
    Basques ambushed the army of Carlo magno in the Navarrese Pyrenees
  • 1167

    Appearence of Basque Language

    Appearence of Basque Language
    In the century sixteen and Euskera is the official language of the Basque Country
  • 1200

    Conquist of Castilla

    Conquist of Castilla
    La Mancha was the region of many historical battles between Christian crusaders and Muslim forces during the period from 1000 to the 13th century
  • 1512

    Invasion of Navarra

    Invasion of Navarra
    It was a long process. It started in the XII century. In 1200, a sequence of conquests, had taken away Navarra’s territory.
  • 1524

    Modern Age

    Modern Age
    In the Modern age created:
    - Local communities
    - Kingdoms
    - Provinces
  • 1571

    The transition into Basque of the new state

    The transition into Basque of the new state
    In 1571 The transition into Basque of the new state changes.
  • Carlist Wor

    Carlist Wor
    The Carlist Wars were a series of civil wars that took place in Spain from 1833 to 1876 the Carlists — followers of Infante Carlos (later Carlos V)VSst liberalism, and later the republicanism
  • The 1st university of the Basque Country

    The 1st university of the Basque Country
    The first university is Deusto University. Is one of 800 best universities in the world.
  • First School (IKASTOLA)

    First School (IKASTOLA)
    Miguel muñoa gave classes in a house then do well in the 1916 is founded the first school called Koruko andre mariaren Ikastola
  • Royal Academy of the Basque language

    Royal Academy of the Basque language
    Was founded in 1919 and was made to be normality the Basque Language.
  • The Basque Goverment

    The Basque Goverment
    It’s foundation was 1936 the president of the basque government is Iñigo Urkullu
  • Bombing of Gernika

    Bombing of Gernika
    It was an air raid (ataque aéreo) passing the spanish civil war. There were around, 120 - 300 deads.
  • ETA

    ETA it was a terrorist organization and it means Euskadi Ta askatasuna.
  • The dead of FRANCO

    The dead of FRANCO
    Franco was a Spanish dictator who banned Basque language
  • Aproval of Spanish Constition

    Aproval of Spanish Constition
    It is the most important law in Spain. This lay collect all rights and duties of all Spaniards.
  • Period:

    Pamplona's Kingdom

    Thanks to sancho III the largest the kingdom of Pamplona reaches the greatest extension
  • Period: to

    Civil War

    Civil war occurs thanks to the army and to politicians that triumphed in Vitoria-Gazteiz.
  • Period: to

    2nd World War

    It was a military conflict, Many soldiers were sent to the Basque Country to rest were implicate, most of the world nations.