• Thomas Newcomen

    Thomas Newcomen
    steam engine- improved te steam engine.
  • john Kay

    Flying Shuttle- Acceleration in weaving.
  • Jethro tull

    Seed drill- they could throw the seeds of the crop and they would grow better.
  • Richard Arkwright

    Water Frame- produced a strong twist for wraps, woods, and metals.
  • James Hargreaves

    Spinning Jenny- Took the traditional spinning wheel and turned it 90 degrees.
  • Charles Townshend

    Charles Townshend
    crop rotation- use for all of the land.
  • Thomas Savery

    Steam Engine- first source of power.
  • Samuel Crpmpton

    Spinning mule- Put the spinning Jenny and Arkwright's water frame to make this.
  • Edward Cartwright

    Power Loom- replaced the weaver.
  • Eli Whitney

    Cotton Grin- Mass production of cotton.