Inventions of the Industrial Revloution

  • machine gun

    James Puckle invented the machine gun. He called it the Defence Gun. the gun was a single barrel gun with mulitple rotating chambers. it failed at first, but it was the buliding block to the future of machine guns. it was later inproved and it created a new way to win battles on the battlefield being a lot faster than conventional weapons at the time.
  • light bulb

    Thomas Edison was an american inventor and probably the best inventor during the time. The light bulb was a revolutionary break through as for light could artifically be produced and people were able to have lighting in their homes. It used electricity, and replaced conventional light bulb that lasted only a very short life span.
  • Cotton Gin

    Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin. It was an invention that changed the United States. The cotton gin was able to clean cotton at a rate of 50 times more than an average worker could, in a day. the cotton gin had a major effect on the south east where cotton was mainly grown. Cotton was the cash crop of the time.
  • assembly line

    Herny Ford invented the assembly line. it help produce goods faster. it also helped assembled machinary. it revolutived the way things were bulit . There were more jobs available and it worked by having a worker assemble them piece by piece. It built goods at a cheaper price.