Inventions of Industrial Reveloution

  • Johann Zahn - The invention of the camera obscura

    This invention was an invention of a camera which projected a image through the lense so people can draw or write things. this is important because when people make books or something close to that they need to make bood covers and most people wanted to buy it to make things look as good as possible.
  • The Typewriter

    An electric, electronic, or manual machine with keys for producing printlike characters one at a time on paper inserted around a roller. the typewriter was to creat the writing in any book or wanted posters everyone wanted to buy them to get people in trouble.
  • washing machines and scrub boards

    wasing machines and scrub boards is a utillity used to clean clothing. th washing machines were made differently each century because of the new technology. people wanted to buy these to so they could have clean clothing.
  • The Plow

    A large farming implement with one or more blades fixed in a frame, drawn by a tractor or by animals and used for cutting furrows in the soil and turning it over. people who worked on farms wanted the plow because they wanted to plant more crops and sell more goods.
  • Hot comb (Pressing comb)

    the hot comb was a heated comb to help african american and other races have straght hair. african americans wanted the hot comb because it would straghten out their hair.
  • color television

    television was just black and white but now its in all of the colors you can think of. people wanted color televisions because it was something new and it was a new experience to have on a television.
  • texting

    Texting is a hobbie people do when the want to or need to get in contact with some people. texting changed the world by helping people inform who they want to talk to faster and instead of sending messages the message goes faster. not saying that sending messages arent nice but texting is nice.
  • Crayolas

    Crayloas are crayons that hve added die to make a color or some sort. They are often used to color or write. I think they made like better because instead of using rock or etc. they can use a cryon.