Inventions and Inventors

Timeline created by rkim
  • Mar 6, 1000


    1000 BC
    made by Egyptians
  • Birth of Baise Pascal

    Birth of Baise Pascal
    Blaise Pascal was born on this day. He was a mathematical genius. He made the calculator.
  • pascaline

    mechanical calculator
  • Birth of Gottfried Leibniz

    Birth of Gottfried Leibniz
    Made calculator better than Pascal because his can add, subtract, multiply and divide
  • Death of Blaise Pascal

    Death of Blaise Pascal
  • leibniz calculator

    leibniz calculator
    another mechanical calculator
  • Death of Gottfried Leibniz

    Death of Gottfried Leibniz
  • Birth of Charles Babbage

    Birth of Charles Babbage
    Grandfather of computing and made the first computer
  • Birth of Agusta Ada Lovelace

    Birth of Agusta Ada Lovelace
    the first computer programer
  • Babbage

    computer (engine with 5parts)
    -mil (calculating unit)
    -the memory
    -input device
    - control section
  • camera

    device you use to take pictures
  • Death of Lovelace

    Death of Lovelace
  • Birth of Herman Hollerith

    Birth of Herman Hollerith
    1896 > tabulating machine company
  • Death of Charles Babbage

    Death of Charles Babbage
  • Keyboard

    info: hardware that is used to type
  • Birth of Tommy Flowers

    Birth of Tommy Flowers
    designed the Colussus
  • vaccum tube

    vaccum tube
    intended for scientific work
    1st generatio
  • Birth of Alan Turining

    Birth of Alan Turining
    German message and predicts micsile target
  • douglas engelart

    douglas engelart
    inventor of computer mouse
  • Death of Herman Hollerith

    Death of Herman Hollerith
  • Birth of Steve wozniak

    Birth of Steve wozniak
    Made the program for Apple
  • Death of Alan Turining

    Death of Alan Turining
  • Birth of Tim burners lee

    Birth of Tim burners lee
    invented WWW ( http)
  • Birth of Bill Gates

    Birth of Bill Gates
    Made the Microsoft
  • Transistors

    late 1950's and early 1960's
  • Integrate Circuit

    Integrate Circuit
    many transistors combined
    3rd integrated circuit
  • mouse

    hardware that clicks things in the computer
  • evan williams

    evan williams
    made twitter
  • larry page

    larry page
    made google
  • Janus Friis

    Janus Friis
    made skype
  • Microproceors

    4th generation
  • USB drive

    USB drive
    the memory stick you insert to the computer
  • mark zukerburg

    mark zukerburg
    made facebook
  • touch screen

    touch screen
    monitor that can be controlled by touching
  • Death of Tommy Flower

    Death of Tommy Flower