Colour television cover

Invention of Television

By s1866
  • Rotating Disk Technology

    Rotating Disk Technology
    German inventor Paul Gottlieb Nipkow developed the rotating disk technology which is one of television's scanning principle.
  • Cathode Ray

    Cathode Ray
    German scientist Karl Ferdinand Braun invented the cathode ray tube which was the basis for advent in electronic television.
  • Mechanical Televisions

    Mechanical Televisions
    Charles Francis Jenkins invented a mechanical television system called Radiovision.
  • First Electronic Television

    First Electronic Television
    The first electronic television was invented by a 21 year old inventor named Philo Taylor Farnsworth thinking of transforming moving images into code.
  • Commercial TV Systems

    Commercial TV Systems
    America's first commercially produced TV systems were produced and based off of the mechanical design by John Baird.
  • Television Signal

    Television Signal
    John Logie Baird sent the first television transmission across the Atlantic Ocean.
  • First Television Station

    First Television Station
    Charles Francis Jenkins created the first television station called
  • Intercarrier Sound System

    Intercarrier Sound System
    The Intercarrier Sound System was invented by Louis W. Parker to synchronize sound in television.
  • Electronic Color Television

    Electronic Color Television
    Russian inventor Zworykin patented the idea for an all-electronic color television system. Commercial broadcasting for color television systems began by company RCA.
  • Plasma TV Display Cells

    Plasma TV Display Cells
    Inventors, Donald Bitzer, Gene Slottow, and Robert Wilson, invented small cells containing electrically charged ionized gas to make better quality. Originally used for the PLATO computer system.