Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer, non-fiction, 378 pages

  • 70 pages read

    So far, we have gotten a flashback, a little bit of background knowledge, and now they have started climbing Mt. Everest. The story is narrated by the author and main character, Jon. Jon is from New Zealand, going on an Everest expidition with guide Rob Hall, his team, and his other clients. Non-fiction:Non-fiction -- 1-70 Total: (1028)
  • 86 pages read

    Now Jon has made it through base camp and is now at camp two as well as met a religious lama in Nepal. Him and the team have already run into a few problems, including having to rescue the famous sherpa, Tenzing Norgay. Norgay was the shepera that was with Edmund Hillary on the first successful expidition up Everest. Non-fiction:Non-fiction -- 71-156 Total: (1114)
  • 47 pages read

    The crew is now acclimating, going between camps in order to have oxygen. Jon now has a headache that won't stop. Plus, a shirpa from another team has gotten sick. Astonishingly, they are about to go on the final treck from base camp to the summit (with days to acclimate of course). Also, they have met Goran Kropp. He is a Swedish soloist that is trying to make it from Sweden to the summit on a customized bike and almost made it. Non-Fiction:Non-Fiction -- pages 157-203 Total:(1161)
  • 77 pages read

    The team is on they' re last push to the summit. Jon has gone up, waited a little, and went back down. By the time he is at the camp, he is exshausted and a crazy storm has started. People are struggling to survive and there is already one death confirmed. Non-fiction:Non-fiction -- 203-280 Total:(1238)
  • 97 pages read

    The tradgedy has finished, killing many. Among the dead are Rob Hall, Scott Fischer,Yasuko Namba, Andy Harris, and Duog Hansen. R.I.P. Non-fiction:Non-fiction -- pages 281-378 Total:(1335)