Internet since 2016

  • Manequin Challenge

    In November of 2016 a weird internet trend began where individuals would post pictures of themselves frozen as mannequins
  • Beyonce: Lemonade

    Beyonce released what some refer to as the "album of the decade" with her Lemonade album. This was one of the biggest music moments of 2016, if not the biggest.
  • RIP Harambe

    Harambe the Gorilla became an internet meme sensation when he was shot and killed at the Cincinnati zoo after grabbing a boy who fell into his enclosure.
  • Launch of Pokémon Go

    Pokemon Go dominated the internet in July of 2016. People were able to achieve their childhood dreams by actually catching Pokemon in their own neighborhood. I remember when this launched everywhere you went people were catching Pokemon.
  • Dancing Hotdog

    in 2017 Snapchat released their dancing hotdog filter which soon became an internet sensation
  • Tidepod Challenge

    The internet became flooded with what was called the "tide pod challenge" where individuals would eat tide pods because they looked appealing.
  • Beyonce Pregnant

    Beyonce broke instagram with her pregnancy announcement
  • Drake Degrassi Royalty Check

    Rapper Drake instagrammed his royalty check from Degrassi which was for $8.25. The internet went wild over this post.
  • "my eyes hurt"

    After the solar eclipse August 31, 2017 the number of google searches with "my eyes hurt" drastically skyrocketed
  • Royal Wedding

    If you were not attending the royal wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, you were watching it on the internet. It's that simple. There wasn't anyone who wasn't watching the prince marry an American Actress.