Internet History

  • Internet the beginning

    Internet the beginning
    In the 1960's, the Internet as we know it started devloping.
  • Period: to

    Internet History

  • Internet the new topic

    Internet the new topic
    In 1962 the idea of the Internet was created by Robert Taylor.
    Also a group was created called the network working group.
  • Nwg

    The networking group worked to review technology options and make recommendations for technology adoption standards.
  • The networking group

    The networking group
    The networking group held it's first meeting. Held by Elmer Sharpio and Ron Stoughton.
  • UCLA

    UCLA puts out a release to introduce the public to the Internet on July3, 1969 on thier newspaper.
  • Security

    Charley S. Kline created login on September 1969 at UCLA.
  • Internet message

    Internet message
    On Friday October 29, 1969, 10:30 the first Internet message was sent by a science professor. However it didnt send because the system crashed, at UCLA science lab.
  • Email

    Email was created by Ray Tomlinson in 1972 at UCLA.
  • Yeah www

    Yeah www
    Tim Berners Lee introduces the WWW to the public at UCLA.
  • Money

    In 1993, the Internet experienced one of it's largest growths and now more than 77% of people in america use the Internet.
  • Big Growths

    Big Growths
    In 2000, the Internet begins to get larger and larger.
  • Cellular Phones and Internet

    Cellular  Phones and Internet
    Cellular Phones (known as cell phones) in 2004 you could start getting Internet on your phones.
  • People all over the world

    People all over the world
    In 2005, more than 2 million people where in social networks.
  • Fcebook and Twitter

    Fcebook and Twitter
    Seventy three percent of people who get on the Internet use social websites.
  • Final stop

    Final stop
    Now in 2011 the Internet has reached one of it's most incridible heights. There are 6 billion people around the world who use the Internet.