• First international connection

    First international connections to the ARPANET: University College of London (England) via NORSAR (Norway).
  • Apple computer founded.

    Apple Computer founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.
  • Router created.

    Router created.
    William Yeager, an American engineer created the first multiple-protocol router in 1981.
  • DNS created.

    DNS created.
    Domain Name System (DNS) designed by Jon Postel, Paul Mockapetris, and Craig Partridge. .edu, .gov, .com, .mil, .org, .net, and .int created.
  • Mosaic web browser is released.

    Mosaic web browser is released.
    Mosaic is the web browser credited with popularizing the World Wide Web. Mosaic was also the first browser to display images inline with text instead of displaying images in a separate window.
  • Ebay

    One of the world's largest auction sites is founded.
  • Safari.

    Safari is a web browser developed by Apple Inc.
  • Youtube launches.

    Youtube launches. launches.
  • Too mainstream.

    Too mainstream.
    Aidan creates a timeline concerning the Internet for CathTech. All the images he uses are relevant to his interests, not necessarily relevant to the school work.