International Organization Timeline

  • League of Nations Formation

    League of Nations Formation
    Woodrow Wilson insisted that his fourteen points should serve as a basis for the signing of armstice. This included the formation of the League of Nations.
  • Constitution is adpoted by the Paris Peace Conference

    Constitution is adpoted by the Paris Peace Conference
    In 1919, the paris peace conference adopted the constitution of the league of nations. The first secretary general is Sir Eric Drummond
  • The Aaland Islands dispute

    The Aaland Islands dispute
    In 1921, the League of Nations decided that the islands belonged to Finland rather than Sweden. Both parties accepted this decision and it is still in force today.
  • Formation of the IMF

    Formation of the IMF
    Their goal was to assist the financial stability post World War 2
  • Formation of the United Nations

    Formation of the United Nations
    Ratification of the Charter by the P-5 nations of the Security Council, created the United Nations
  • First Secretary General

    Trygve Lie of Norway becomes the First Secretary General
  • League of Nations Dissolved

    the dissolution of the League of Nations was passed unanimously
  • Camile Gutt is elected as IMF's Director

    May 6, Camile Gutt is elected as the first IMF managing director.
  • France loans from the IMF

    France becomes the first nation to borrow from the IMF
  • First UN Peacekeeping Force

    First Emergency Special Session of the General Assembly meets on the Suez Canal crisis.
  • Six Day War

    Following the six day war, the UN adopts resolution 242
  • The Uraguay Round

    One of the first problems that the WTO dealt with
  • Formation of the World Trade Organization

  • Termination of the Meat and Dairy Deals

  • The Start of the Doha Round

  • Dominique Strauss-Kahn Resigns

    Managing Director of IMF resigns after being arrested for sexual assault.