Inside Out and Back Again: Maddy L

  • Beginning of March

    Ha's best friend Titi, and her family flee
    Vietnam to get away from the war.
  • Ha's Father

    Ha explains her fathers disapperance
    when she was just a baby.
  • The Bombing

    Ha's brother Quang tells his family that
    a South Vietnam piolet bombed their presidential
  • Uncle Son

    Ha's father's friend uncle Son visits Ha's family and warns
    them to flee to the U.S.A to escape the war.
  • Family Meeting

    Ha's mother holds a family meeting to discuss
    the decision of their family staying with the
    danger of the war, or fleeing to another country.
  • The President

    On TV Ha and her mother see their
    country's president say he cannot be
    the president anymore.
  • Uncle Son Returns

    The decision was made that Ha and her family will
    travel to safety. Uncle Son comes again and tells
    them to be ready to leave any time.
  • Leaving

    Ha and her family climb onto the crowded ship
    and hide with all the other escapies in the bottom
    part of the ship. They all know they could die
    on it but there is only hope left for them.
  • Little Food and Water

    The crowded ship still moves on looking
    for safety, and Ha and her family have to
    suffer from hunger and thirst only getting
    a small amount of food and water each day.
  • English Lessons

    Brother Quang starts teaching his family
    english after one week on the ship.
  • The American Ship

    The Americans rescue Ha and her people
    and bring them food and water, but still they
    dont have a country to call home.
  • Guam

    Ha and her family are safe on an
    island called Guam but still no
    actual home just a tent.
  • Florida

    Ha and her family choose to now
    live their lives in America, so
    they are flown to Florida where they still have to live in a tent.
  • Alabama

    Ha and her family are flown to
    Alabama where a family has
    agreed to sponser them. Finally
    they will have a home.
  • Cowboy

    One of the people in the two
    person family that agreed to
    sponser them is a man who is very
    kind, and the women his wife is not.
  • School

    Ha begins school and along with that many bullying problems.
  • Mrs. Washington

    Ha and her family are blessed with a new neighbor Mrs. Washington, who guides them through their new life.
  • Father

    Ha and her Family find out that Fther is dead and never coming homwe.