Influence of Religion and Wealth

  • Settlers in Virginia

    Wealth- Europeans settled in Virginia for money
  • Pilgrims arriving in Massechusetts

    Pilgrims heading to Virginia ended up arriving in Massechusetts.
    They were well known for their strong beliefs.
  • Farmers

    Many people farmed tobacco
  • Tobacco production

    Wealth- 250,000 pounds of tobacco was produced
  • Servants in Viginia

    Wealth- Many women were endentured servants so there were a lot less women.
  • Salem Witch Trials

    Puritans were accusing countless women of witch craft, they did this believing they would be on God's side.
  • Charles Thomson

    Charles Thomson believed that there were things in the Bible that "organized Christianity" hadn't grasped so he took everything supernatural (virgin births, resuretctions, miracles) out of the Bible for himself.
  • Religious Revival

    Priests go to army camps to lead mass for the solidiers to celebrate
  • Missionaries in the Phillipines

    American missionaries educared Filipinos about ameican tradition
  • Anti-Evolution League

    Religious Fundamentalism
  • Athiest Bans

    Supreme Court ruled that states could not have a religious test for public office. (In God We Believe?)
  • Texas School Boards

    Texas school boards orderd up text books with the view about our country had religious beginnings in the government
  • McChucheon vs. FEC

    Demonstrators gather outside the surpreme courts during the McChucheon FEC case.
  • American's Views on Money in Politics

    Many americans agree that money has too much influence on elections.