Industrialization timeline

  • Photography

    THe first photograph was taken by Joesph Nicephore Niepce
  • The Reaper

    The Reaper
    The Reaper was invented by Cyrus Mccormick. It is a machine that picks the crops. Made farming much quicker
  • Telegraph

    Created by Samuel Morse. A communication device.
  • Sewing Machine

    Sewing Machine
    Sewing Machine created by Elias Howe. Made the production of textiles much faster and affordable.
  • The Bessemer process

    The Bessemer process
    Developed by Henry Bessemer and WIlliam Kelly. this prosses was used to make steel. This was the first process used to make steel. This steel was then used on rail road tracks.
  • Edwin L. Drake first to drill for oil

    Edwin L. Drake first to drill for oil
    Using a steam engine Edwin sucessfully drilled for oil outside Titusville, Pennslvinia
  • Dynamite

    Dynamite was created by Alfred Nobel. Dynamite was and is used for many things.
  • The Type Writer

    The Type Writer
    Invented by Christopher Sholes. Inproved the effectiveness of office work. Also created more jobs for women.
  • transcontinental railroad

    transcontinental railroad
    The transcontinental railroad was completed by Central Pacific and Union Pacific. This made travel from the east and the west much quicker and easier
  • The Four Time Zones

    The Four Time Zones
    Professor C. F. Dowd proposed the earths surface be divided into 24 time zones, one for each hour of the day. In the U.S. there were four. The Eastern, Central, Moutain, and Pacific.
  • Telephone

    Invented by Alexander Graham Bell. Inproved the effectiveness of office work. Also created more jobs for women.
  • The Great Strike of 1877

    The Great Strike of 1877
    Rail way workers went on strike after their second wage cut in two months
  • Munn v. Illinois

    Munn v. Illinois
    The supreme court decided that the states have the right to regulate the railroads for the benefit of farmers and consumers.
  • The Light Bulb

    The Light Bulb
    Patented bt Thomas Edison. This was the first major step in the growth of electricity. By 1890 electricity ran many machines in factories.
  • The Heymarket Affair

    The Heymarket Affair
    People gathered in Chicago's Haymarket Square to protest police brutality
  • Interstate Commerce act

    Interstate Commerce act
    this reestablished the right of the federal government to supervise railroad activities.
  • Sherman Antitrust Act

    Sherman Antitrust Act
    Made it illeagal to forn a trust which interfeared with free trade between states and other countries
  • The Homestead Strike

    The Homestead Strike
    The workers will still upset with working conditions and there was a rising public anger. Then Hamlin Garland described the working conditions at a steel factory. this was the tipping point. The workers were on strike untill november.
  • The Pullman Company Strike

    The Pullman Company Strike
    The workers at Pullman's company wages were cut , putting them in a hard situation. Pullman refused to negotiate with the workers they went on strike