• Knights of Labor formed

    secret labor union formed.
  • Great Railroad Strike of 1877

    Railroad company cuts wages to reduce cost, It shuts down 2/3 of the railroad as well, Hayes used federal troops to caln the riots. In the end, wages were improved, and there were better working conditions.
  • Terrence vs. Powderly Reforms

    This was when the Knights of Labor went public. The reforms included workers cooperating to make each man his own employer, abolition of child labor, abolitions of trusts and monopolies.
  • Haymarket Bombing

    80,000 knights of labor, it was a response to Myay day, when workers were holding a meeting and police tried to stop them. An anarchist threw a bomb into the crowd, killing 7 police officers.
  • American Federation of Labor formed

    wanted higher wages, and improved conditions.
  • strike at Carnegie Steel plant

    Henry Clay Frick, manager, cut wages by 20% = strike. Frick used weapons, guards, lockouts and more to break it after 5 months.
  • Pullman Strike

    Raoilroad sleeping car company, cut wages in 1894, Eugene Vs. Debs says for the American Railraod Union not to use those cars anymore then.
  • Matewan Massacre

    caosl strike, conflict between miners, when union activity was going to be stopped. 7 detectives and 4 townspeople dead.