Industrial Revoulution

By s02142
  • Europeans Colinised Australia

    The English colinised Australia with the first fleet.
  • Coal First Discovered In Australia

    Discovered at the mouth of the Hunter River.
  • First Coal Mine Developed In Australia

    The first coal mine was started at the mouth of the Hunter River.
  • Premanent Residency at Hunter Valley

    A permanent residency at Hunter valley was formed and it was called Newcastle.
  • First Steam Train Sent To New South Whales

    First Steam Train Sent To New South Whales.
  • Mill in Sydney

    Founded by Simeon Lord and was based in Parramatta.
  • Period: to

    More Steam Trains Introduced To Australia

    Many More Steam Trains introduced to Australia.
  • Sophia Jane

    The first paddle steamer in Australia was Sophia Jane. It was the first to make regular voyages.
  • First Voyage Of The Suprise

    It was a Voyage from Sydney to Parramatta.
  • 7 woolen Mills in NSW

    There were 7 woolen Mills in NSW and most people in NSW were wearing cloth from Parramatta.
  • Peter Russel Takes Over Sydney Foundry

  • First Attempt Of Iron & Steel Smelting

    First Attempt Of Iron & Steel Smelting was in Mittagong, NSW.
  • Rapid Gold Mine Openings

    In the 1850's there was mass Gold mine openings.
  • Gold Rushes

    Gold Rushes in Melbourne and Sydney brought huge increases in the population.
  • Regular Steamship Travell

    There were steam ships running to and from Morteon Bay, Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania.
  • Adelaide Railway

    Went between Adelaide and Port Adelaide.
  • First Railway Line in Australia

    Opened Between Flinders and Port Melbourne. Called Sandridge.
  • First Railway Line in Sydney

    Went from Sydney to Parramatta.
  • Period: to

    Steam Train Increase

    In Ballarat, from 1855 to 1861, there were 329 more steam trains.
  • First Cast-Iron Foundry in Melbourne

    Founded by Scott Clow and Prebble.
  • Steam Driven Sewing Machines

    Melbourne became the first to use steam driven sewing machines in Australia.
  • Rolling Mill In Melbourne

    Founded By Enoch Hughes and played a major part in Iron and Steel works in Lithgow, NSW.
  • Railway Line In Tasmania

    Ran from Launceston to Deloraine.
  • Institute Of Engineers

    Institute of Engineers was founded.
  • Perth Timber Railway

    Lockville to Yoganup
  • Victorian Iron Company

    Later to be renamed as Lal Lal Iron Mining Co. One of their products were iron locomotive wheels.
  • Woolen Mill at Distillery Creek

    Woolen Mill at Distillery Creek, near launceston was founded.
  • Queensland's First Railway Line

    Ran from Ipswich to Brisbane.
  • Period: to

    Rise in Workers in Textiloe Industry

    Cheap Labour Increased Teaxtile Industry, In 1877, there was 1000 workers in the textile industry, but by 1895, there was 2000.
  • First Perth Government Railway

    Geraldton to Northhampton
  • Tin Found At Broken Hill

    Discovered by Charles Rasp
  • BHP

    Ausrtalias first major mining and steel company.
  • Northern Territory Railway Line

    Between Darwin and Pine Creek.
  • Smelting in SA

    Smelting in port Pirie
  • BHP export to China

    First export of lead to China
  • Leases Obtained On Iron Ore

    BHP put leases on Iron Ore deposits in SA
  • Mining At Iron-Knob

    Mining of iron At Iron Knob commences by BHP
  • Industrialisation Slowed

    Due to a recession, Industrialisation in Australia slowed.
  • ACT Railway Line

    Between Queenbeyan, NSW to Canberra.
  • Steel Work at Newcastle

    BHP commences steelwork at Newcastle.