industrial revolution- Great Britain

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  • enclosure acts began

    enclosure acts began in britain
  • machinery was invented

    machinery was invented and had a kick start. Due to population boom
  • convicts sent elsewhere

    convict's where stopped being sent to America
  • the government decided where to send the convicts

    the government decided to send the convicts to n.s.w and not america
  • a new leader

    Captin Authur Phillip decided to lead the first fleet
  • the first fleet set sail

    the first fleet set sail
  • they arrived

    the first fleet arrived
  • two more fleets came

    two more fleets came to australia
  • free colinist came

    first free colinists arrived
  • began building

    Governor Lachlan Maquarie arrived and begun building
  • aus was divided

    Australia was divided into six colonies
  • Period: to

    huge growth in population

    huge growth in population which meant to poverty and more crime by 50%