Industrial Revolution

Timeline created by Pablo Caridad
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  • Period: to

    Enclosure Acts

    A series of laws about the privatisation of lands and so, the change of the owners. It helped in increasing their profits
  • John Kay’s flying shuttle

    John Kay’s flying shuttle
    Belonging to the advances in the textile industrie, it helped in increasing the speed of production. With this invention, workers could weave bigger fabrics.
  • Period: to

    First Industrial evolution

    Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution there had been different changes related to agriculture,the machinery, trade; transports and the financial system.
  • James Watt’s steam engine

    James Watt’s steam engine
    The steam engine used the power from steam to generate continuous movements. This would be transferrd to machinery.
  • Adam Smith publishes The Wealth of Nations

    Adam Smith publishes The Wealth of Nations
    In his work Adam Smith defended the free market arguing that it was well organised in order to produce the right amount of goods
  • Invention of the power loom

    Invention of the power loom
    Its creator was Edmund Cartwright. It also helped in increasing fabric production and it achieved the descent of prices.
  • Period: to

    Luddite movement

    It was the first protests led by workers against industrialisation. They destructed machinery believing that it was the cause of unemployment.
  • Abolishment of the Combination Acts

    It consisted of a series of strikes and the later attempt to reimpose them was failed . The Combination Acts were against trade unionism.
  • Stephenson’s Steam locomotive

    Stephenson’s Steam locomotive
    Stephenson developed a locomotive system which used the steam engine to generate the continuous movement of the wheels.
  • Grand National Consolidated Trades Union

    Grand National Consolidated Trades Union
    It defended the right of association to reduce the working day and to improve wages and to regulate child labour.
  • Invention of the Bessemer converter

    Invention of the Bessemer converter
    This invention helps to manufactures Steel, which was a new material resulting from the combination of iron and carbon. This served to construct machinery ,tools, buildings and public Works.
  • First International

    First International
    It was related to marxism. It was the first international workingmen's association, which goal was to achieve social emancipation. It Split in 1876 because of the ideological differences between marxists, anarchists and trade unions.
  • Karl Marx publishes Das Kapital

    Karl Marx publishes Das Kapital
    He defended in his work the communism and the need to destroy capitalism. His goal was a workers' revolution.
  • Second International

    Second International
    After the split of the Fist International, this one was created by the marxists to coordinate the different socialists parties. It established some identity symbols.