Industrial Revolution

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  • First Central Bank

    First Central Bank
    The First central bank or also know as the Bank Of England was made in 1694. It was built by William Paterson. It was an impact because it helps manage money during all the wars that were happening at the time. It helps manage all the money the government was borrowing also.
  • The Steam Engine

    The Steam Engine
    The Steam Engine was made by the inventor Thomas Savery.The steam engine was put into many other inventions like the trains, automobiles, etc. The Steam Engine was powered by steam to make it move. The Steam Engine had a great impact on the Industrial Revolution because it made transporting way faster for people they got to there destination hours and sometimes days faster than they used to.
  • Flying shuttle

    Flying shuttle
    The Flying shuttle was a weaver that made the weaving way easy to make clothes and things with fabrics. The Flying shuttle helped make clothes way efficiently and faster. This impacted the industrial revolution because it made clothes way faster then they used to and it helped a lot in making cloths way faster than handmade.
  • First sucsessful steam engine

    First sucsessful steam engine
    The first successful steam engine was made by the man Thomas Newcomen.The first successful steam engine was very useful because many other inventions were being made that needed to have engines.the steam engine was very useful because it helped transport people and also many goods that people needed.The first successful steam engine had a great impact because it helped with a lot of things in society. Also, it was good because there was a person who knew hao to make a good steam engine.
  • The Spinning Jenny

    The Spinning Jenny
    The spinning jenny was made by the inventor James Hargreaves. The spinning jenny helps spin cotton to get everything out of it or in other word clean it.This was a great machine because instead of using for hands you could now just use the machine.This was a big impact because a lot of the things that were made in the industrial revolution they were made out of cottons like clothes and other things like that.
  • Water frame

    Water frame
    The water frame is an invention made by the man Richard Arkwright. The water frame is a power source and it is powered by water. It's like the steam engine but instead of powered by steam it is powered by water. This had a good impact because it was a power source and there were not a lot of power sources in the industrial revolution, so with this is really helps with power and things like that.
  • power loom

    power loom
    The power loom is just like the Flying Shuttle because it is a weaver also. This invention was invented by the person named Edmund Cartwright. He invented this for reason like weaving to make it easier and faster to do. One impact was that it made clothes and other things faster so prices when down on clothes and made things cheaper.
  • The steamboat

    The steamboat
    the Steamboat was made from the man named Robert Fulton. He made the Steamboat for transporting people and goods across water. The Steamboat had a great impact because it could transport goods faster than normal, And with good moving faster the least expensive things are. This was great because items and goods prices went down by a good amount.
  • Locomotive

    The locomotive was a train that was on a railroad used to transport goods from place to place. It is powered by the steam engine.This train was a big success because it helps transport good faster than they did without it. it was invented by the man Richard Trevithick.
  • Henry bessemer-Manufacturing Steel

    Henry bessemer-Manufacturing Steel
    Henry Bessemer made an invention to make steel for a way cheaper price. This was a big impact because steel was very expensive to make. When he invented this machine it made the price of steel go way down.This was good because a lot of things were made out of steel so when things were made from that material it was made for a way cheaper price.