industrial revolution

By wparry
  • Period: to

    snapshot 1750-1914

  • farming land expand

    enclosures of farmland accelerate in britain
  • invention of spinning jemmy

  • invention of water frame

    richard arkwright invents the water wheel
  • invention of spinning mule

  • invention of steam engine

  • mass producing wrought iron

  • power loom invented

  • first fleet arrives in botany bay

  • first textile factory

  • first steam locomotive, the rocket

  • gas lighting common in britain

  • "The Great Western" crosses the atlantic

  • US warships visit japan

  • morse code telegraph sent

  • bessemer process, mass produces steel

  • unification acelerates industrialisation in germany

  • overland telegraph connects australia and asia

  • suez canal opens

  • telephone invented

  • first eletric light bulb invented

  • eiffel tower completed

  • wright brothers invent modern flight

  • trans-siberian railway aids russian industrialization

  • henry ford mass produced model T ford