Indie Timeline

  • The Smiths were formed

    The Smiths were formed
    Two lads from manchester came together, in 1981, these men were Morrisey & Johnny marr then aftfer some demo tapes, they recruited a drummer called Mike Joyce, they then recruited a bass player called Dale Hibbert. These people together formed the Band "The Smiths"
  • The Smiths "Top of the Pops"

    The Smiths "Top of the Pops"
    TOTP "This Charming Man"This is an iconic point in the Indie mvement a during the Rise of the Smiths they were asked to perform on Top of the Pops, but as they arnt live, Morrisey wanted to exploit this fact. So he sang without a mic and swun flowers around instead. This inspired alot of bands ,turned up in there normal clothes, and the attitude was influencial on alot of bands that were to follow the smiths. Also to sing about real life problems and society was key to form indie music.
  • The Stone Roses Form

    The Stone Roses Form
    In 1983 the stone roses forme. With front man Ian Brown and guitarist John Squire being friends for mny years prior to the Stone Roses. For the years to follow up to1989 they played various places attracting only small crowds.
  • Their first album "The Smiths"

    Their first album "The Smiths"
    After a few demos they releaed there album of "The Smiths", there were very iconic songs on this album that like hand in glove, where johhny marr refolutionisd the guitar by using very long intro's and extreme whammy effects. This is the first of many albums that were released.
  • The Stone Roses "Blackpool Empress Ballroom"

     The Stone Roses "Blackpool Empress Ballroom"
    Their first major breakthrough gig was the Blackpool Empress, they took a risk by playing here, becasue they didnt know if they could fill it. But they were getting quite alot of attention from DJ's across the nation. So they got a 3,000 strong tun out, this ws the platform then they went to there major success with there debut album "The Stone Roses".