India's IE

  • India Got Independence

    They can now call themselves free. A big turning point.
  • Ghandi Killed

    He was a very important leader and was trying to bring peace.
  • First Battle for Kashmir

    It's the first time that India will be tested to see if their army is strong or not.
  • India Fights Over East Pakistan

    India wins, and turns it into bangledesh and 90,000 Pakistan troops.
  • Birth Control Introduced

    Too many babies can be a problem, and birth control can prevent a baby boom.
  • Troops Storm Golden Temple

    They wanted to stop sihk militants from pressing self-rule.
  • First Nuclear Weapon Test

    They were one out of seven countries to test weapons. It gave them a better edge.
  • India's Population Exceeds 1 Billion

    Too many people can be a problem when it comes to jobs and spacing. They have to be aware of that.
  • Series of Natural Disasters

    Brought destruction to the southern coast and communities had to rebuild.
  • First Female President

    This shows that India is evolving as a country and is not bothered by adversity.