In the Time of the Butterflies

Timeline created by Kristin457
  • President Trujillo

    President Trujillo
    Trujillo forces his way into the presidency by killing everyone who dares to oppose him. Since all his appoinents were afraid or dead, he won by a landslide.
  • Gahndi

    Gahndi starts a movement against British rule in India. His peaceful rebellion inspired a lot of people.
  • Hurricane!

    A hurricane devestates the Dominican Republic. Trujillo uses it to impose martial law and call a state of emergency.
  • Massacure

    Trujillo worries that the race will "get darker" so he orders the massacure of about 20,000 Haitians.
  • Trujillo's Secret

    Trujillo's Secret
    Minerva meets Sinita who tells her the truth about Trujillo's presidency. It causes Minerva to realize how corrupt the government is for the very first time.
  • Hatians are Always Hatians

    Hatians are Always Hatians
    The "Agreement on Migration" stated that Hatians born in the Dominican Republic are still considered Hatians.
  • World War 2

    World War 2
    Germany under Hitler invades Poland. This marks the beginning of World War 2.
  • Pearl Harbor Day

    Pearl Harbor Day
    Japanese planes bomb Pearl Harbor, causing the United States to join World War 2.
  • Fortune Telling

    Fortune Telling
    Papa tells all the Mirabal girls their future.
  • The Beginning

    The Beginning
    Dede feels like her future is really beginning to start. Papa's fortune for her was the only accurate one.
  • The Play

    The Play
    Minerva, Sinita, Elsa, and Lourdes meet Trujillo at their 2nd play performance. Sinita uses it as a chance to get back at Trujillo.
  • Cover up!

    Cover up!
    Maria Teresa learns that Minerva is against the regime. She helps hide the fact that Minerva is meeting with Don Horacio, a man totally against the government.
  • Civil War in China

    Civil War in China
    Communist problems in China cause the country to go into civil war. Eventually Communist ideas spread to the Dominican Republic.
  • The Diary gets burried

    The Diary gets burried
    Mate has to burry her diary because it has evidence against the group meeting at Don Horacio. Specifically Hilda who is wanted by the police.
  • Loss of Faith

    Loss of Faith
    When Patria looses her 3rd child, she also looses her faith. She struggles a long time with the vaccancy her baby left.
  • Patria and Pedrito

    Patria and Pedrito
    Patria gets married to Pedrito at the age of 16. This goes against her former wishes to join the convent.
  • Virgilo Morales

    Virgilo Morales
    Virgilo Morales, or Lio, meets the Mirabal family. Everyone loves his political views, which are Communist. When Mama finds out, she isn't too happy about it.
  • Light the Fire

    Light the Fire
    Dede burns the letter Lio ment to give to Minerva because she is upset. The letter would have asked Minerva to leave with Lio since he is going to leave the country.
  • Half Sisters!

    Half Sisters!
    Minerva realizes that Papa has been spending a lot of time with another woman. He has three kids by this other lady.
  • The Slap

    The Slap
    Trujillo dances with Minerva and makes some pretty disgusting advances. Minerva gets mad and slaps him right in the face!
  • The DR in the UN

    The DR in the UN
    Minerva Bernardino becomes the appointed Dominican Republic representitive for the United Nations. She was one of only 4 women.
  • Papa dies

    Papa dies
    Papa dies after his horrible prision experience. Mate keeps having dreams where she sees Papa's face in a coffin.
  • Trujillo's Plaque

    Trujillo's Plaque
    Trujillo makes a new law that tells everyone to hang a plaque up in their house. The plaque read "In this house, Trujillo is cheif."
  • Sputnik

    The first satellite orbited the Earth. It was from the USSR
  • Maria Teresa and Leandro Forever!

    Maria Teresa and Leandro Forever!
    Maria Teresa falls in love. This isn't one of her crushes, she actually agrees to marry Leandro. He is actually how she gets into the revolution.
  • Seminary School

    Seminary School
    Patria is worried about Nelson, her firstborn son, and his growing interest in the revolution. So, she sends him off to Seminary School to get him away from the action.
  • Fidel Castro in Power

    Fidel Castro in Power
    The Dominican Republic broke relations with Cuba shortly after Fidel Castro took power. Trujillo did not want his power to come to an end.
  • Patria joins the Revolution

    Patria joins the Revolution
    After getting bombed on her religious retreat, Patria begins to see the revolution as God's comeback to all that is happening. She finds her own way to help out.
  • Japanese in the DR

    Japanese in the DR
    Around 1,300 Japanese got to the Dominican Republic to settle on the land promised to them by Trujillo. They later sued because they got "bad land".
  • Marriage saved

    Marriage saved
    Dede and Jamito both try to divorce one another. The family suggests that they go on a honeymoon. That honeymoon saves their marriage.
  • Arrested

    All the husbands except Jamito get arrested. Shortly after, Minerva and Mate get arrested too.
  • Sisters are Sisters

    Sisters are Sisters
    One of the other Mirabals, Margarita, helps Patria smuggle things to the girls in prison.
  • Nelson Returns

    Nelson Returns
    Nelson is given a pardon and is released from prison. Patria convinced Pena to get Trujillo to release her son.
  • Failed Assassination Attempt

    Failed Assassination Attempt
    Trujillo sends men to murder Betancourt over in Venesuela. They fail and Betancourt complains. The OAS finally get involved.
  • Trujillo Dies

    Trujillo Dies
    Trujillo was ambussed in his car and gunned down by some revolutionaries and some of his own men. The Trujillo Era ends.