in high school so far

  • school

    I was 15 years old, we enjoyed a group walk, we laughed and enjoyed
  • high school graduation

    high school graduation
    a more culminated achievement next to the friends that we loved so much
  • nursing graduation

    nursing graduation
    It was a personal challenge, something that I love and that I still practice
  • first job as a nurse

    first job as a nurse
    It was in a nursing home I loved working to go it was very enriching
  • engineering week

    engineering week
    I started studying industrial engineering it was my first week of engineering that year and I won an award for innovation
  • culminating projects

    culminating projects
    By this time I am finishing my studies, I live independently, work and study and trusting in God this year I graduate as an industrial engineer celebrating all that I have changed and what I have achieved