Imperialism Timeline (Alyssa Kimmell, Lindsey Yoakum, Kelsey Kowal, Emmaline Bothe, Jessica Woomer) Block 8 Ms. Childers

  • Period: to

    Imperialism events timespan

  • The Year 1829

    The perfection of the drug guinine. Eventually protected Europeans from becoming infected with malaria.
  • Crimean War

    War between Russians and Ottomans because Britain and France wanted to prevent Russians from gaining control of more land.
  • Sepoy Mutiny

    Rebellion of Hindu and Muslim soldiers against the British in India.
  • British Government Takes Direct Command of India

    This happened as a result of mutiny. The rule referred to as Raj.
  • The Boer War

    1860-1880- After the discovery of diamonds and gold in South Africa. People from all over the world rushed in to find their fortunes. The war was the result of trying to prevent the foreigners from gaining political control.
  • Discovery of Diamonds

    Discoveries of diamonds in South Africa.
  • Cecil Rhodes

    Cecil Rhodes writes Confession of Faith.
  • The Death of a King

    Zulu nation ruler, King Cetshwayo dies in exile.
  • Meeting at the Berlin Conference

    1884-1885- 14 European nations met at the Berlin conference to prevent conflict while laying down rules for the division of Africa
  • Discovery of Gold

    Discoveries of gold in South Africa.
  • The year 1887

    The Zulu nations fall to British control.
  • Menelik II (Emperor of Ethiopia

    1889-1896 Menelik II declared war when he realized Italian forces were advancing into Ethiopia.He successfully defeatd Italians and the nation stayed independent.
  • The Year 1890

    Persian ruler Nasir al-Din sold a concession to a British company to export Persian Tobacco.
  • The Year 1899

    The Boers took up arms against to British control
  • The Great Game

    Britain and Russia's "geopolitical struggle" over Muslim lands in Central America.
  • Suez Canal

    Muhammad made this waterway to cut through the Ithmus of Suez.
  • Russia and Britain take over Persia

    Persia's government was unable to control the situation and Britain and Russia take over.
  • The year 1908

    Discovery of oil in Persia. Britain was interested in Persia after the oil discovery
  • The Year 1921

    Britain formally agrees that its empire would not extend beyond Afghanistans eastern border.
  • The Khyber Pass Agreement Ends

    Britains Khyber Pass Agreement ends with Soviet Union's invasion of Afghanistan.