Imperialism Timeline Activity

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  • Protestant missionaries arrive in Hawaii

    Protestant missionaries arrive in Hawaii
    In the year 1820, lots of Protestant missionaries arrived in Hawaii, and so a lot of Hawaiian people were converted to Christianity.
  • Monroe Doctrine

    Monroe Doctrine
    In 1823, John Adams and James Monroe wrote the Monroe Doctrine, which basically said this “ The Western Hemisphere was no longer open for European coloniza-tion;
    2. The political system of the Americas was different from Europe (democracy vs. monarchy);
    3. The United States would regard any interference in Western hemispheric affairs as a threat to its security; and
    4. The United States would keep out of European wars and would not disturb existing colonies in the Western Hemisphere.”
  • The US bought Alaska

    The US bought Alaska
    In 1867, the U.S. bought Alaska for $72 million. This was a big purchase for the country, because it added more land and more resources to our country, which then made our economy even better.
  • The US becomes a world power

    The US becomes a world power
    The U.S. was one of the worlds greatest economies. It’s closest competitor, Britain produced no where near the amount as the U.S. did. Our military was small though, and Britain really outnumbered us in that area. But we were really starting to gain power, and become a world power.
  • U.S.S. Maine Sinks

    U.S.S. Maine Sinks
    In February of 1898, there was an explosion, and it sank the U.S.S. Maine in Cuba’s Havana Harbor. Over 260 American sailors were killed in the explosion. This was very hard on our country.
  • Hawaii is Annexed

    Hawaii is Annexed
    In 1898, during the Spanish American War, Hawaii was annexed into the US territory, because congress saw their value in helping the navy
  • Americans and Filipinos fight

    The filipinos wanted to be independent and to rule themselves, but US president McKinley didn’t think that they were ready for this yet, so obviously there was tension, that led to fighting between the Americans and Filipinos.
  • Roosevelt is the First president to travel overseas

    In 1906, President Teddy Roosevelt is the first to travel overseas. He went over to Panama during the rainy season, in order to see “the greatest accomplishment of his presidency”.
  • Woodrow Wilson Becomes President

    Woodrow Wilson Becomes President
    When Woodrow Wilson became president in 1913, he wanted to rule by morals. He called this Moral Diplomacy. These were more democratic ideas, and he used less force and economic investment. This was different from the way that Roosevelt lead the people.
  • Wilson sends troops Veracruz

    Wilson sent his troops here so that they could stop weapons from reaching Huerta’s army. There was a battle between the two, and 90 Americans and 300 Mexicans were killed or injured.